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DEC 7 Update: Our new issue is on its way to subscribers. However, considering the time of year, please understand that delivery may be considerably delayed due to holiday shipping. . Any subscriptions or renewals purchased now will not receive our upcoming issue and instead will begin in 2022.

This is the option for someone who has never had a subscription to Spacing. If you had a subscription with Spacing in the past, or currently have an active one, please order a renewal instead, otherwise your order will not be processed correctly!

We publish four issues a year, one of which is a special National edition. Your subscription will begin with the next issue released from your sign up date. If you want to receive the current newsstand issue, it can be purchased here.
The subscription gives you 4/8 upcoming issues as they are released. Due to the nature of this product, there will not be 4/8 issues ready for you as soon as you place your order.

If this is intended as a gift for someone else, please use the recipient's address when asked for the shipping address at the check out. If you wish to purchase other items for yourself, please place separate orders.

We are only able to send subscriptions within North America (Canada and USA). For overseas shipping, you can purchase individual issues here.