Rocks Don't Move and Other Questionable Facts

Rocks Don't Move and Other Questionable Facts

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In a box outside her home, Shari Kasman collected facts in exchange for books, with the hope of learning something new. What she got was an assortment of personal information, advice, falsehoods, and some true things as well. One hundred of these handwritten submissions appear in this book, alongside insightful annotations. Find out what people chose to leave behind when they encountered the Fact Box. What is a fact, anyhow?

Format: Softcover, full colour, 131 pages
Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.25”

What people are saying

"Rocks Don’t Move and Other Questionable Facts is THE book for the post-truth era. Every truth, even when held or shared in good faith, can be fact-checked, and fact-checked facts can always use more context. Kasman will have you questioning the things you think you know, a practice we should do often. That’s a fact."
–Shawn Micallef, author of The Trouble With Brunch: Work, Class and the Pursuit of Leisure

"The strange thing about reading Shari Kasman’s book on facts is you’re left, not with facts at all, but opinions and feelings.”
–Michael Winter, author of Into the Blizzard

Rocks Don’t Move offers a peek into sane community collaboration, generously served with gentle humour and a breeze of hope. In a bewildering era of opinion, cynicism, and conspiracy sardonically strong-arming truth—Kasman’s project feels like washing the windows after a dust storm.”
–Shary Boyle, artist